Internet Access Isn't Optional in Education Anymore- Neither Is Security

IT that guards our children so you can stay focused on educating

    It's not a secret that Internet access has revolutionized our classrooms.

    Now, it's common for both students and teachers to utilize multiple devices throughout the day, from a desktop computer like what I learned to type on, to touchscreens and smart boards. Your school's servers need to be able to provide consistent, secure access to your students, teachers, and administrators so they can focus on the task at hand- the education of our next generation. 

    truNorth's state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems and cloud hosting can guarantee that your records will be secure and meet FERPA standards, and regardless of the weather, you will have the server availability you need- until you decide to call it a snow day.  School districts are becoming a target for hackers more and more often, like this most recent attack in Long Island, where the school district was forced to pay $88,000 in ransom to access their student and teacher records. 

     We offer a comprehensive cyber security audit as a part of our free consultation. We trust you to take care of our children-let us take care of your IT. 

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