I.T. To Help Position You For Exemplary Service 

City, County, State, or Federal Government

     The IT world is changing on a daily basis. New threats are rising from around the world, targeting various forms of government, banks, even schools. 

    How confident are you in the infrastructure you have in place to safeguard your constituents- and their hard-earned tax dollars? 

    truNorth can design a state-of-the-art cyber security system, as well as function as a professionally managed service provider (MSP) to safeguard all of your data. Cut costs by hiring the right IT firm the first time- instead of after the first guy fails. Our due diligence, well rounded knowledge of Information Technology and the inner workings of software, hardware, and cost projections could mean the difference in success or failure. Our dedicated IT Consultants have the know how and diverse background to advise your governing body on your latest start-up or project.

     At truNorth, we stand by our guarantee for 1 hour server restoration and 15 minute ticket resolution- or it's free.

     No more having to close an office because of server failure, no more lost records or failed backups.  Your service is exemplary, your data is safe, and your records are stored and backed up correctly, the first time, every time. 

We Can Help You:

  • IT Consulting
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Engineering
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Services / Cloud Hosting
  • Official Records Backup and Storage



I worked with [truNorth] when I was the practice administrator of multiple dental offices in southern Colorado and New Mexico. [They are] knowledgeable, professional, and skilled in what [they] do. I enjoyed working with [truNorth] and appreciated how they alleviated any IT stress from the responsibilities that I carried. Great company!

Kim M. Trinidad Family Dental

Kim M.