Digital Marketing with truNorth Data Solutions

     Are you a small business, a large enterprise, or even a seasoned entrepreneur in need of digital marketing services?

    With truNorth’s suite of digital marketing services, we can help your Southern Colorado business flourish! Are you located in a specific Colorado region, or even in our own backyard of Pueblo? Our advertising agency services are available wherever you are!

What makes truNorth Data Solutions different from all the “other guys?”

    First of all, we are local. Your marketing  account manager will meet with you in person, and we know our southern Colorado community. In order to provide the best marketing results possible, we offer a custom approach that is unique to you. No cookie-cutter templated services- you select only what your business needs to move the needle.

     We work within your budget. If everyone could afford all the big marketing tactics, then marketing would be easy and everyone would have a commercial in the big game.  It is all about matching your budget with tactics that will provide the biggest bang for your buck. Our experts know this, and we build it into your custom strategy.

What can truNorth offer you?

     Our expert marketing strategist will help on every level of your advertising needs- from social media management to grow your platform, brainstorming ideas for email campaigns, to designing killer inbound lead generation. We even optimize your Google search results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If all this has your head spinning, don’t worry- we will walk you through every step of the way to get your business the online representation you need.

Below is our list of services - see something you like? Give us a ring or click on our button to get the best digital marketing services in Southern Colorado!

General Digital Marketing Services

     Internet marketing is best leveraged to connect your services to the people who are looking for them at that exact moment. Our goal is that your businesses are only one search away from your ideal clients. There are many digital marketing platforms, like Google, Facebook, and Instagram that allow you to connect to your customers, including . Our approach to your advertising plan is custom, based on where your business is currently, your goals, and your unique budget.  

Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing may seem like only the marketing craze, but right now it is hot – you can connect with your ideal customers, build your specialized audience and grow, grow, grow!

    If your business is not present in at least one of the prime social media platforms, then your business is missing out on your dream clients. truNorth’s marketing account manager will sit down with you to build a marketing strategy on the correct platform for your business to get your product in front of your carefully selected, demographically targeted audience.

    If you just need a social media manager, we have you covered. Or, if your marketing strategy depends on a constant flow of leads, Facebook marketing is a great option and our specialty. We can help you design powerful online marketing lead generation campaigns that deliver the constant inbound leads you need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     SEO. It’s one of those elusive marketing things that you know you’re supposed to have, but it might as well be Greek (looks like Greek, too). Search engine optimization is the, well, engine that places your business on the first page of Google or other search engine links presented off a broad key word search.

     In a 2014 study conducted by Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on the search engine results page go to the top five listings (Jacobson, 2018). Another 2014 study from Google found that the higher a company’s organic search ranking, the more clicks that company received- with 71% going to the first page, and pages two and three receiving a combined 6%.

     SEO is the difference between your business showing up on that first page, and being buried somewhere on page 5, 6-or later. Our marketing account manager will comb your site from every angle, and make improvements to elevate your site to be able to compete with “the big guys.”

     Our SEO services include keyword research, content review, relevant content creation, internal linking, HTML coding, and other SEO ranking techniques. For example, local SEO services help you show up in more searches in your geographical area. No other SEO company can provide better results for less.

Pay per click (PPC)

     When you enter a broad keyword search, say for local restaurants, Google will provide local search results, Google shows a select few that always at the top of the page, with the “Ad” next to them.

     We know you know the ones.

Do you like the idea of showing up on Google search results for relevant keywords your potential customers are using, but don’t like to wait for the organic SEO process?

     It takes time for Google to crawl your site, index your keywords and match them with searches, and then even more time for you to start seeing conversions. With PPC you don’t have to wait - Google advertising delivers results instantly and enhances your organic SEO efforts. Our marketing experts will work with your team to identify your biggest opportunities and develop a campaign to achieve your website performance goals.

Web Content & Design

     The foundation of your digital marketing is your website.

     (So why did you put it at the end of the list truNorth? Good question, potential client! We were just seeing if you were paying attention.)

     Anyway, your website is all about the website design and how well it how well it represents your brand. It is also key for how well it is found by search engines or optimized for SEO.  truNorth Data Solutions can help you with initial website design strategy and even website development!  If you already have a website, then we can make sure it is optimized for search engines to find it and match it with relevant searches.

     In addition, our copywriter will comb your site to maximize your content, add blogs or other applicable articles to your business- which also can be cross posted via your social media marketing to increase your visibility.

     Ready to let truNorth Data Solutions is your internet marketing partner? Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?

     If you are looking for all of our services or more of an ala carte style, we welcome all inquiries! Just click the button below to get started!


Jacobson, M. (2018, April 12). How Far Down the Search Engine Results Page Will Most People Go? . Retrieved from Leverage Marketing:


I worked with [truNorth] when I was the practice administrator of multiple dental offices in southern Colorado and New Mexico. [They are] knowledgeable, professional, and skilled in what [they] do. I enjoyed working with [truNorth] and appreciated how they alleviated any IT stress from the responsibilities that I carried. Great company!

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